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BRR App: Connor 'Glitch' Ingno by 343713-Glitch
BRR App: Connor 'Glitch' Ingno
Edit 11/23/14 - Ayanei joined the team!
For :iconborealisregion: 
I need more groups to RP and suck up valuable school time as I'm a professional procrastinator at this point.
Anywho, I went over my info for this character with a friend and she said it's OK so I'm gonna hope it doesn't seem too weird. Thenametotallyisn'taplayonmytumblrnameeithernope
Also I hope I read over everything correctly, I was a teeny bit confused at some parts but I'll assume for now that I did everything correctly until someone tells me otherwise.


Name: Connor Ingno "Glitch"

Age: 17

Birthdate: March 5; Pisces

Gender: Male

Hometown: Couriway Town, Kalos

Occupation: Gamer (...does that even count?)

Type of Trainer: New

Favorite Type: Fairy

Least Favorite Type: Bug

Connor is very passive in
many situations, except in battle (Pokemon
brawls or one-on-one fights with another
person). He is very tolerant, and often
times he will laugh and agree with
something meant to insult him. He is a bit
too trusting, however, quick to judge
people as friends when they may not see
him in the same light. He also tries to
protect his friends with everything he
has, even if it breaks him down.

Growing up in Kalos, Connor was raised in chilly Couriway Town, usually found walking around with the family's pet Flareon. He and the Flareon had a thing for often sneaking out of town to play in the caves just outside town, despite multiple warnings of how dangerous it was.One day, the Flareon picked wind of something and dashed for the caves, Connor trailing behind, trying to stop it as there'd recently been quakes coming from the caves. By the time he'd caught up to the Flareon, it was dangling from a cliff of a small ravine opened up by a quake. Running to try and save it, he jumped to grab its paw, only to find himself dangling by his feet, holding the Flareon in his arms. They were later found and saved by random passersby, who regrettably informed his parents.
After a scolding from his parents, Connor felt like a disappointment as he couldn't protect his family's Flareon-- his friend-- without needing help in the end. He set out on a journey to find the strength he needs to protect those around him, eventually taking him to the Borealis Region.

Inventory: N/A

-The nickname Glitch comes from Connor's ability to break video games to extreme levels.
-The Flareon mentioned in his history technically isn't his, it was his parents' who he played with since he was young.
-His parents were virtually never around while in Couriway Town, another reason why he wanted to go off on his own.
-He sleeps. All. The time. He eats all the time too. Good mix of both I suppose.
-If he's not training with his Pokemon or Tepigging it out in the kitchen, he's got his face glued to a video game.
-He gets very nervous when Pokemon use the move Earthquake now, worried that a fissure may open up.
-The only time he gets angry are if someone is sassy towards him when trying to carry on peaceful conversation, someone repeatedly puts themselves down, or someone insults one of his friends.
-His mission is not to become the most powerful trainer or to collect every Pokemon. He simply wishes to create bonds with people and Pokemon and protect those bonds at all costs. He's also loved the thrill of adventure.
-He always wears his blue scarf and vest, only taking them off for bed and actually hot areas.
-Not really too into fighting, he wants to befriend every Pokemon he may or may not capture, making sure they trust each other completely.
-He's really not after badges or any sort of fame, but he will challenge a gym if he and his Pokemon are hyped up enough.
-Whenever he encounters a Pokemon that he'd like to recruit, he'd try to talk it into joining him, rather than battle it. He only attacks random Pokemon if they strike first.
-All in all, he's a total dork.


Nickname: Ayanei
Gender: Female
Species: Dedenne
Level: 12
Nature/Characteristic: Rash/Hates to lose
OT: Prof. Larix
Ability+Moves: Pickup; Tackle, Tail Whip, Thundershock, Charge
PMDD Main NPC | Head Mage Glitch by 343713-Glitch
PMDD Main NPC | Head Mage Glitch
EDIT 11/21/14 - Added shitty background and shitty shading
The image on the left is a redraw of <da:thumb id="484677151"> with a few anatomical corrections. And a different sword.
Anyways, um, NPC info below I guess.

Name: Connor
Nickname(s): Glitch (preferred name), Shiny

DoB: March 5th, XXXX
Age: 17

Species: Sylveon (shiny)
Type: Fairy

Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Single

Current Occupation(s): Head Mage
Previous Occupations(s): N/A

Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Often lost in thought

Ability: Pixelate

-Shadow Ball
-Dazzling Gleam

Personality: Glitch is a sociable 'mon who usually works on helping others. His nature is timid, so normally he's a bit quieter around 'mons he doesn't know, but among friends, he's a lot more open, especially with his vocabulary. Kid curses like a sailor. He's a bit too trusting, though, and tries to help anyone who even remotely seemed like they were in trouble.

History: Glitch grew up in a small home on the outskirts of the city, with his Espeon mother and Ursaring father. He never cared for going outside, so he never really got physically strong. His parents helped him evolve at an early age, and his father taught him how to walk on twos. At the time he hadn't shown signs of anything special, until a couple years later.

At the age of about 9, Glitch finally started going out and making friends. One group of "friends," a few years older than him, once tried getting him to start helping them with illegal substances. He refused and was attacked, having him suffer quite a few painful injuries. This sent him into a rage, but being as frail as he was, he didn't stand a chance. After being beaten back a second time, he started glowing, and what seemed like patches made of light started covering his cuts. He made his way back onto his feet, but by the time he did, the attackers had run away in fear. He didn't know why, until he saw the things they were afraid of, swords made of light circling him. That was the last time anyone saw him for the next few years.

Glitch ran away into the woods because of his new powers, fearful that he might hurt someone. He tried to figure out how to use his newfound power without causing destruction. After a while, he figured out how to control it to the point where he felt comfortable leaving the forest. To this day he still learns how to use his magic and uses it to help others.

Special: Glitch has the ability to use light magic, and extremely efficiently at that. He studies all kinds of magic, but light is his specialty. Details below. Note that he does not like to use his magic unless absolutely necessary. If he uses it, he uses it either for protection or to kill.

Magic attacks:
-Light shot: A simple shot of light, usually expelled from his paw, used only if his sword is misplaced at the time.
-Light flash: A non-combat attack, used as a quick getaway from attackers, like a smoke grenade.
-Light blast: Powerful exploding attack that acts like a mini bomb, used only if backed into a corner (figuratively)

Sword blade additions (More easily used) :
-Longsword: Uses magic to sharpen the blade and extend it lengthwise.
-Broadsword: Uses magic to sharpen the blade and extend it widthwise.
-Sword Beam: Shoots a slash of magic out of the blade from a swing of the sword.

-Cloak: A light blue cloak.
-Messenger Bag: A small bag used for carrying small items and Glitch's notebook, filled to the brim with magical knowledge... and a bunch of drawings.
-Sword: A blunt sword, reforged with NeverMeltIce to make it last longer, the blade now has light blue edges that keep it blunt.

-His Pixelate ability adds a small, pixelated effect to moves and spells, hence where his nickname came from.
-His pupils are a constant bright sky-blue; sometimes glow.
-He normally stands on two legs for convenience. He does NOT like using all fours, and only will when he's running or sitting.
-His fur- normally white for a Sylveon, has a slight blue tinge to it.
-Hobbies include singing, drawing, and cooking.
Whoop PMDD Livestream Offline by 343713-Glitch
Whoop PMDD Livestream Offline
I'll make rules up as problems arise, k?

-Please don't swamp me with links, one time I got like 20 at once and couldn't see them all.
Yes, this again... I need a break from everything here.

I'll be back in a week, I hope...
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A Hallow's Eve Message From Rena~ by 343713-Glitch
A Hallow's Eve Message From Rena~
"I'll kill you all. Innocent. Guilty. I don't care. My powers NEED blood, they CRAVE it... If I see you on this night... you're dead."

Oh jeez Rena tone it down a bit jeebus crust.
You all knew this was coming, don't look at me like that.

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