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Radio-City | Kina by 343713-Glitch
Radio-City | Kina
Welp, she got rejected, but I'll improve some things and reapply next opening!

EDIT: Fixed various things in the description (i.e. added/extended things, changed some information.)

Whoopdie do I'm joining another group, oh God and I'm the least talented out of all the other applicants I've seen lmao. Hopefully I'll be accepted orz
I didn't think I should shade solely because I don't trust my shading to look right on an app.
Also oh god I'm terrible at headshots never ask me to do one again ew.

Hopefully I got all the info right, point it out to me in the comments if I got something wrong.

Name: Kina
Gender: Bigender [correct term?] (identifies as either)
Biological gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 136 lbs.

Personality: Quiet, social, curious, somewhat naive, good listener, caring.
-Quiet: Kina never really talks much in public unless she's with a friend. She will only talk to people she respects/likes.
-Social: A bit of a contradiction of the previous trait, Kina is actually very socially active after opening up to someone. She'll strike up conversation with them easily, often times making her seem normal, socially at least.
-Curious: Kina is a bit overly curious, and she would stop someone on the street to talk to them based off how interesting they looked, often times making things very awkward very quickly.
-Somewhat naive: She never just takes information as true as it comes along, but if there's a good story behind it, she'll believe anything, even if it's not true.
-Good listener: She never  doesn't listen when someone has something to say. Every word that's spoken she will memorize and study like there's going to be a test.
-Caring: Kina will always be there for a friend, and she won't leave them alone until she either gives them a hug or gets them to tell her about their woes.

-meeting new people (and talking to them)
-boyish clothes
-confusing people about her gender

-talking to incompetent people
-hats (ew, no, hoods yo)
-obnoxiously loud music (i.e. screamo)
-people who pick on people she likes

Song of choice: I May Fall - from RWBY…
Track description/interpretation: If I'm going to be honest, I believe the song conveys a tone of loud silence, which might seem a bit contradictory, but let me explain. I see it as a loud soul, one who is very passionate and kind, maybe a bit headstrong, but quiet when things are happening. It also seems depressed, the first two verses talking about fear and death, but remaining optimistic, saying "not this place, not today." The final verse shows a person who faces death with a smile, among friends who carried them through challenges in life, able to find courage in the most desperate of situations.
Track history: N/A?

Orientation: Homosexual
Relationships: N/A

-She wears her long, bright red scarf in public a lot of the time. She thinks it conceals her from view but the sheer redness of the scarf is a pretty big eye-taker.
-Her messenger bag contains anything she might be using at the time (books, gloves, knickknacks)
-She NEVER wears anything that isn't red, white, black, or yellow.
-She only talks to people who don't annoy her (i.e. no "HEY! LISTEN TO ME! I'M FUN!" type of people)
-She can be very vulgar if pushed, though her normal response to stupidity is silence.
-She has a really strange "gay mode" where she'll just watch girls on the street from in a coffee shop or something. She's hella weird. And awkward. Maybe a bit creepy.

Common phrases:
"Er, sorry, what was that?"
"I really don't know why you're wasting your time talking to me."
"So, what about that do you like so much?"
"You really think I'm good company?"
"...Thank you..."
Happy Holidays from Ciara by 343713-Glitch
Happy Holidays from Ciara
EDIT: Changed the shading because it irked me before


I changed the shading but now her damn hand is bugging me. Fuck.

And I made this because I just got her evolved to her 6* and she's my beautiful death machine <3
If you didn't know she's from the phone app Brave Frontier, free for Android and iOS devices.
Also I dunno if she actually has a tail, but she has the ears so I figured why not?…

Ciara belongs to Brave Frontier which I believe belongs to Gumi
PMDD NPC | Head Mage's Apprentice Luna by 343713-Glitch
PMDD NPC | Head Mage's Apprentice Luna
Yoooooo finally got new NPC art out yay.

Name: Luna

DoB: 12/19/xxxx
Age: 20
Species: Raichu
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Orientation: Homosexual 
Status: Single

Current Occupation(s): Head Mage's Apprentice
Previous Occupations(s): N/A

Nature: Calm
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn

Ability: Lightning Rod


Luna is a bit of a headstrong girl, she tends to throw herself into a fight despite her lack of strength in combat. Around Glitch she gets easily annoyed by his outgoing personality, but she respects his abilities despite his being younger than her. She also never understands 'mon's positive outlooks on life, believing one should always expect despair sooner or later.

-Light magic: Nearly perfected, her light magic is almost on par with Glitch's abilities, though he still bests her in bouts.
-Shamanism: Mainly uses healing magic for obvious reasons. She's not an incredible fighter, so she helps where she can, even if that's mending broken bones and mortal wounds.

Moon Staff abilities:
-Light shot: Shoots a bolt of light from the staff, usable multiple times in succession, deals relatively low damage.
-Sniper shot: Needs perfecting; only usable from a long range, this shot is concentrated light magic shot from the tip of the staff used to deal massive damage (possible 1-hit KO if she manages to land it.)

-Hood: A light blue hood with a crescent moon emblem.
-Moon Staff: A staff with a very heavy metal moon attached to the end. Even with her small stature, Luna can heft the staff with relative ease, though using it as a close-quarters weapon is not yet the best idea. Allows for the use of Moonblast.

-Her brawls with any 'mon usually end with her face in the mud.
-Despite her cute appearance, she is very fighty and has a short temper.
-She understands she can't fight well but does so anyway.
-On occasion she can be seen sleeping in Glitch's lap after a long day of training (even though she hates him)
-Hobbies include meditating, fighting (and losing), and walking
Whoop Livestream Yay by 343713-Glitch
Whoop Livestream Yay
Drawing NPC art and singing, at the same time of course
Maybe doing a RWBY crossover/weapon deign-type thing lmao idk

I'll make rules up as problems arise, k?

-Please don't swamp me with links, one time I got like 20 at once and couldn't see them all.
BRR App: Connor 'Glitch' Ingno by 343713-Glitch
BRR App: Connor 'Glitch' Ingno
Edit 11/23/14 - Ayanei joined the team!
For :iconborealisregion: 
I need more groups to RP and suck up valuable school time as I'm a professional procrastinator at this point.
Anywho, I went over my info for this character with a friend and she said it's OK so I'm gonna hope it doesn't seem too weird. Thenametotallyisn'taplayonmytumblrnameeithernope
Also I hope I read over everything correctly, I was a teeny bit confused at some parts but I'll assume for now that I did everything correctly until someone tells me otherwise.


Name: Connor Ingno "Glitch"

Age: 17

Birthdate: March 5; Pisces

Gender: Male

Hometown: Couriway Town, Kalos

Occupation: Gamer (...does that even count?)

Type of Trainer: New

Favorite Type: Fairy

Least Favorite Type: Bug

Connor is very passive in
many situations, except in battle (Pokemon
brawls or one-on-one fights with another
person). He is very tolerant, and often
times he will laugh and agree with
something meant to insult him. He is a bit
too trusting, however, quick to judge
people as friends when they may not see
him in the same light. He also tries to
protect his friends with everything he
has, even if it breaks him down.

Growing up in Kalos, Connor was raised in chilly Couriway Town, usually found walking around with the family's pet Flareon. He and the Flareon had a thing for often sneaking out of town to play in the caves just outside town, despite multiple warnings of how dangerous it was.One day, the Flareon picked wind of something and dashed for the caves, Connor trailing behind, trying to stop it as there'd recently been quakes coming from the caves. By the time he'd caught up to the Flareon, it was dangling from a cliff of a small ravine opened up by a quake. Running to try and save it, he jumped to grab its paw, only to find himself dangling by his feet, holding the Flareon in his arms. They were later found and saved by random passersby, who regrettably informed his parents.
After a scolding from his parents, Connor felt like a disappointment as he couldn't protect his family's Flareon-- his friend-- without needing help in the end. He set out on a journey to find the strength he needs to protect those around him, eventually taking him to the Borealis Region.

Inventory: N/A

-The nickname Glitch comes from Connor's ability to break video games to extreme levels.
-The Flareon mentioned in his history technically isn't his, it was his parents' who he played with since he was young.
-His parents were virtually never around while in Couriway Town, another reason why he wanted to go off on his own.
-He sleeps. All. The time. He eats all the time too. Good mix of both I suppose.
-If he's not training with his Pokemon or Tepigging it out in the kitchen, he's got his face glued to a video game.
-He gets very nervous when Pokemon use the move Earthquake now, worried that a fissure may open up.
-The only time he gets angry are if someone is sassy towards him when trying to carry on peaceful conversation, someone repeatedly puts themselves down, or someone insults one of his friends.
-His mission is not to become the most powerful trainer or to collect every Pokemon. He simply wishes to create bonds with people and Pokemon and protect those bonds at all costs. He's also loved the thrill of adventure.
-He always wears his blue scarf and vest, only taking them off for bed and actually hot areas.
-Not really too into fighting, he wants to befriend every Pokemon he may or may not capture, making sure they trust each other completely.
-He's really not after badges or any sort of fame, but he will challenge a gym if he and his Pokemon are hyped up enough.
-Whenever he encounters a Pokemon that he'd like to recruit, he'd try to talk it into joining him, rather than battle it. He only attacks random Pokemon if they strike first.
-All in all, he's a total dork.


Nickname: Ayanei
Gender: Female
Species: Dedenne
Level: 12
Nature/Characteristic: Rash/Hates to lose
OT: Prof. Larix
Ability+Moves: Pickup; Tackle, Tail Whip, Thundershock, Charge

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