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Oh fuck this shit, we don't need a second Facebook, dA! Facebook's lame as it is. Next thing you know dA'll be adding shitty stupid-ass game apps like Farmville.
Glitch's PMDD Admin Blog is Now OPEN! by 343713-Glitch
Glitch's PMDD Admin Blog is Now OPEN!
Spent a while getting this to look, well, decent xD
Send an ask or an RP! Character introductions are right there on the page!
Oh Hey Vent Again by 343713-Glitch
Oh Hey Vent Again
This time not really about life, sort of, not really.

Animated version on my personal Tumblr:…
Tagged by NeonStryker 


1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
4. Not something like "you are tagged if you read this"
5. You have to tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs

5 things about me
-I an pansexual; I make relationships with people depending on their personality.
-I hate these tag things.
-I apparently suck at Civics and currently have a 12% grade in it. (mostly due to me not handing things in)
-I don't eat any vegetables other than corn.
-I am a mod for a new Pokemon RP group, PMD-Discovery (shameless self-promotion)

I. What is/are your favourite TV Genre(s)?
Um, idgaf unless it has a good story and acting.
II. If you watch anime, what is/are your favourite anime, if you don't watch anime, what is/are your favourite TV Show(s)?
Anime; Fullmetal Alchemist. TV show; Doctor Who
III. What is your favourite word?
IV. Do you like roman numerals?
V. What is your favourite and hated Pokemon?
Sylveon; Bidoof
VI. Do you accept Catbug as your lord and saviour?
The fuck is Catbug?
VII. What is/are your favourite music Genre(s)?
Anything with piano, violin, or EDM.
VIII. Ninjas or Pirates?
...What about ninja pirates?
IX. Doing anything fantastic for Halloween?
Not unless I suddenly have Maes Hughes cosplay lying around.
X. Who is your favourite X-men?
Don't like 'em.


1. Favorite insult to others?
2. Favorite food?
3. Favorite phone app?
4. Minecraft or Terraria?
5. Favorite or Favourite?
6. Pokemon or Digimon?
7. Do she got da booty?
8. Quick, go into your iTunes or Pandora or whatever, put it on shuffle and hit next 5 times, what song is it?
9. Is that Slenderman behind you?
10. Screw a last question; here's a punny story: My mom and I were at a Halloween store and she tried on one of those medieval doctor's masks with the long nose, asking me how she looked. I said "the nose is a bit of a stretch." She groaned and asked for an ax, I replied "Why? Gonna... AX me a question??" She proceeded to basically have a heart attack.

SarkTheDelirious Setsuna-Senso Tutyr Baldarun LunaStar52 TeamMorningJade Milkido SolensSeun YuunCatravis Garrusboo 

Have fun ya dorks :U
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